Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Ganoderma lucidum against diabetes

Diabetes is not a terrible disease anymore with ganoderma lucidum. It's said that once you have diabetes, your life will be ruind. However, this statemant is no longer true with ganoderma.
As all unfortunately interested know, insufficient insulin secretion is the main cause of diabetes, and this can result in serious complications.
Currently,  insulin injections are acting as the only treatment. Though insulin is able to lower blood sugar level, symptoms come alive very soon.
Furthermore, like hormone injections, it has many side effects. Insulin is not able to recover pancreas functions and it speeds up the aging of the organ.
The Medical Research Institute of Kinki University found in yearly experiments that Ganoderma Lucidum has the same effect as insulin.
Accordingly, taking this "herb", not only can supplement insulin deficiency, it can also make the pancreas function work again on their original levels. And importantly, it doesn't have any side effects like injections do.
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